Caroline M.

Pebbles 2013 (Don x Jodie)
Pebbles born Dec.2003

Tuesday, January 28,2014

Hi Tina,

It’s wonderful to hear from you! Sorry for the delayed response. We were away for the holidays then have been really busy since we got back. We’re all doing great. Especially our little orange and white pup. She is aging wonderfully and is truly a beautiful and amazing dog. And I’m not biased-I hear that from our neighbours and friends as well! She is full of energy and eager to walk with me even at 5:30 am!This year Pebbles came to Emily’s soccer matches and had a blast with all the players who decided she should be their mascot! She went to a few cottages in muskoka and swam all day and joined us on tobogganing down some hills at my parents house although she wouldn’t get on the toboggan, she had fun chasing after us! Hopefully 2014 will be a blast as well.Please keep in touch as it’s wonderful to hear from you.I hope you also have a great new year. I’ve attached some pics of Pebbles from 2013.

Caroline, Pat, Emily and of course Pebbles (or Spot as you called her before we came to get her!)

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