Landsend Mayflower

female born June 26,2014

Pedigree Landsend Mayflower

May is a live wire – always on the go. She is into everything, overjoyed to meet new people and constantly looking for things to carry. Luckily she is an enthusiastic obedience dog and will follow my lead.

Dec. 10, 2104  May at 24 weeks old.

May 24 wks. dec.2014
May #2







Picture below. Dec.2014. May at 6 & 7.5 mths. old. Wgt. 26 lbs. Hgt. about 17″.

May dec.2014 (6mths)May Feb12/15 7.5 mths








Picture below. Feb.28,2015. May at 8mths. old. Wgt.28.5 lbs. Nice coat!

May #2 8mthsMay Feb 28,2015 8mths.







Pictures below. Mar.29,2015.  May at 9mths. old. Wgt. 29-30 lbs.

May #7 9mths May #6 9mths May #5 9mths




May 9mths.





Pictures below. June 30,2015 . May at 1 year old.

Wgt.29-30lbs. Hgt.17 1/4- 17 1/2″.

May #4






Dec.20,2015 May  at 18 mths old

Hgt 173/4-18″, Wgt.33lbs.


June 27,2016 May  at 2 yrs. old

May #2May #7May #6













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