CH Landsend Firebrand CDX,WC

female born December 10,2003

Pedigree & Health Clearances  CH Landsend Firebrand CD,WC,CDX


Brandy Aug.2005 002



IMG_0567Brandy excels in markings, colour, coat and proportions. She has all the “chrome” – blaze,chest, four white feet and a big tail tip. Her coat is bright red, thick and a correct medium length. She has a good topline, head and side and rear movement. Brandy weighs 34 lbs. and is 17″ tall.

Brandy is a Canadian Champion (CH).

She has her obedience Companion Dog (CD) title – passing in 4 out 4 trials with class placements.

Brandy passed her field Working Certificate (WC) title and is trained for Working Certificate (WCI).

Bandy has her obedience Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title as of June 8, 2014. All legs were earned with class placements. 

Brandy CD 2007 001

CD 2007


Brandy with WC ribbon 001

WC ribbon


Brandy loves to work in any venue. She learns quickly, is very biddable and a happy, happy performer. In the field she is a stylish worker, with good attention, an enthusiastic water entry and responds well to direction. At home she is a champion cuddler. She is small enough to lay upside down in my lap.  Brandy loves to be groomed. She rubs herself against you like a cat. She gets along with other dogs.

Brandy was bred twice. Sadly she never went into labour with the first litter and the pups died. She didn’t get pregnant the second time. I would loved to have had some kids with her attitude. Happily we have continued to work together toward other titles.

CDX June 2014 1st & (2) 2nd place in class

CDX June 2014 1st & (2) 2nd place in class








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