Landsend Forever Amber CD

female born November 24,2003

Pedigree & Health clearances   Landsend Forever Amber CD

Dec. 2009


head shot Amber Jan.2013  Amber excels in head, length of neck, size, bone, angulation and proportions. She has good side and front/rear movement. Amber weights 33-35 lbs. and is 18 1/4″ tall.  Her coat is dark gold and a correct medium length. She has a white chest and four white feet. Her pigment is flesh coloured and her eyes are brown.

Amber was fostered out to another family when she was 10 months old and we had to sell our farm. She lived with two kids and was trained in obedience. In May 2008 Amber came back to live with me when her foster owner was unable to keep her anymore.

Amber  has her  Canadian Novice Obedience (CD) title. She passed in 4 out 4 trials with class placements.

Amber CD 2009

CD 2009


Amber is a very keen obedience dog.  I was able to get her ready for the ring pretty quickly. She had also started training for Open with her foster owner. Amber had a little field training with me before she left as a pup. She remembered allot and retrieves birds, swims and marks well even though her owners didn’t do any in field training with her. Amber is very varminty, catching rabbits, chasing squirrels and birds.

Amber has a very loving, cuddly personality with people she knows well. She is very patient with children. Amber is biddable and well mannered. She generally mixes well with other dogs.

Amber was bred once. She had 3M/2F pups with CH Katyra’s Winter Silas CD,WCI on Feb. 21,2010. I kept Boomer and Spice from that litter.

Amber was diagnosed with mammary cancer Jan. 2013. She had four growths removed and was spayed. Two growths were malignant but tests so far have remained normal. She was also diagnosed with a Grade 2 heart murmur. Since then Amber has been happy to retire to playing fetch with her ball, patrolling for  varmints and supervising her kids.



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