No litter for 2017 is planned.


Landsend Sugar N’Spice (Spice) will be bred in 2014.

Sire: CH Katyra’s Winter Silas CD,WCI

Dam: Landsend Forever Amber CD

CERF : Normal Apr.25,2014 CEA : Normal by pedigree   CLEFT PALATE: N/N clear/normal    OFA Hip : Good     JADD : Probable Carrier    PRA : Carrier

I hope to keep Spice’s lovely temperament, biddable attitude, outstanding proportions, good coat, topline, bone/substance and head with this breeding.  I want to improve size, rear movement and water courage.


Trey wet side

Trey sittingTreyReturns14months[1]




Can CH JavaHill’s River Surfer CKC SH WCX/US WCX (Trey)

Sire: AKC/CKC CH Littleriver’s Montana Cowboy

Dam: AKC CH Javahill Torri Alohashine RE,JH

CLEFT-PALATE: N/N, clear/normal   EYES: Normal Mar.29,2014    ELBOWS : OFA Normal   HEART: Normal (Cardiologist)   OVC HIPS: Normal   JADD: Probable Clear   PATELLAS : Normal   PRA: Normal

“Trey is at the top of the standard , standing 20.5″ at the withers and weighing 53 lbs. He is highly driven, extremely birdy and with great water courage. He is a joy to live with, having a sweet and goofy personality…”. See owner Donna LaHaise’s website for more information.

Trey’s  kids have his sweet nature and biddable attitude and have earned show and performance titles.

May 1,2014. Trey has been to visit Spice. Check back in a month to see if Spice is pregnant. We should have puppies born the between June 26- July 3.

May 27,2014.Spice is pregnant. Puppies are expected June 26-July 3.

June 26,2014. Spice had her pups from 12 – 6:00am at the local emergency clinic when the first pup, a large male, got stuck and needed help. Once he was out Spice pushed the rest out with limited help. There are 5 male and 1 female pups.  All have some white on the face, chest and feet. Five out six have tail tips. The litter is very consistent for size and colour.

 Spice pups 1 day old 5M,1F June 27,2014 Spice 2014 litter





Pups one day old.

Pink(m),Slash (m),Green(m), Black(m) second wk.2014


July 7,2014 Pups are between 19- 23 ounces. They are looking more like puppies and less like Guinea Pigs. They are trying to stand, but not walking. Eyes will open in the next day or so. I’ll take pictures of the first ones. Not much yet on personalities, except who yells/struggles or calms when I weigh and do handling exercises. Spice is up to 6 cups of food. She likes to lay upside down – makes nursing challenging for the pups! Here are a few photos. Spice nursing upside down 2014 litter 1wk old





July 11. Pups are two weeks old. Eyes are open most of the time. They are taking shaky steps and getting more vocal. The Green boy is the biggest(37 oz) and the Pink boy the smallest (29oz).

Green (boy)

Green(m) head 13 days old

Green(m) 13 days old






Arrow (boy)Arrow (m) 13 days old

May  (girl)

May (f) 13 days3F(May) 2ndwk






Pink (boy)Pink(m) 2nd wk

Slash (boy)Slash (m) 13 days old

Black (boy)Black (m) 13 days old

July 27,2014. Four weeks.

Pups July 17 or 19, 2014 three weeks old

Slash, to left.
Slash, pup on top of pile.

I am devastated to say I put Slash down this week. Slash July 17 or 19His post-mortem indicated injury consistent with head trauma. I did not see the accident happen. The doctors and myself tried to diagnose and nurse Slash for three days but there was too much neurological damage. Rest well little man.

This has been a busy week for the pups. LastLoose in the kitchen with Mom weekend they started climbing out of Pups first solid food at 4 wks.the whelping box so it was opened to the x-pen and kitchen. They have experienced the vacuum, loud kitchen noises, using It's a big new world. Green(M)the pee-pan, nail cutting, grooming, worming,have met the other dogs (thru the x-pen) and about a dozen people. Yesterday they got solid food and dived right in – literally. I hope to get them outside soon.



August 4,2014.  5 wks. old.


May(f),Arrow(m),Pink(m) &Green(m)

Spice pups 5 wks #1

Arrow, Blackie & Pink

Green(m) with Spice @ 5 wks.

Green & Spice

Blackie with his first duck @ 5wks

Blackie with his first duck

Pups weight between 5 lbs. & 6lbs. They are running & jumping & wrestling with each other & their Mom. She stops them when they get too rough but  likes to play too. I’m feeding them softened food four times a day and Spice still nurses them for short periods several times a day. The pups have discovered toys, my shoelaces & bare ankles and the joy of shredding  newspapers. They are learning to use the pee pan. They spend a couple hours a day outside in dry weather and are getting used to the noises of a busy (trains, motor cycles, emergency vehicles) urban area. They have followed Spice & I around the whole yard one at a time. I introduced a pan of water to stand in – but no great swimmers yet. Blackie & May are the most confident pups & into everything first.  Green & Pink look things over then join in. Arrow has to be encouraged to join in but learns quickly.

Aug.11. Six weeks old.

Green & Pink tandem retrieve

Green & Pink tandem retrieve

Everyone into the pool

Everyone into the pool

May & her"toys"

May & her “toys”

Green,Blackie,Pink or Arrow

Green, Blackie, & Pink or Arrow

The smallest pup is 6lbs.12 oz. and the biggest 7lbs.8oz. I worked individually with the pups this week. We did following exercises, come, learning to watch for food, and retrieving. They learned to stack on a table for their structural grading on Sunday. The pups had their first bird wings and were trying to carry them by the end of the session. The “swimming dish” is getting more popular with pups walking through it or laying in it when the are hot. They are pros in the yard and are investigating on their own. The pups charmed another prospective family of owners.

Aug. 22. 7-8 wks.old

The smallest pup is 8.36 lbs. and the largest 9.4 lbs. Another busy week for the pups. Aug. 14 they were temperament tested and had individual photos taken. Aug.17 my family came over for a Thank You BBQ and puppy party.Spice, pup help Mom clean corn The pups helped my Mom husk corn and three of them teamed up to steal one. Then my family got a bag of treats and instructions to teach a pup ( not always the one they started with) to come, sit and just plain cuddle.Adam,Matthew & May The results were hilarious and people and pups had a lot of fun.

May & ArrowThe pups went for short car rides in preparation for their Vet visit Aug.20th. The clinic staff had been anticipating their arrival and all came in to see them. The pups charged around the exam room grabbing pant legs and shoelaces then fell asleep on the floor. Everyone got a clean bill of health, was vaccinated and micro chipped.

Car travel #2

Pink, Green, Arrow, Blackie, May

After vaccinations at the VetSpice has pretty much stopped the pups from nursing but they still try. They are eating solid food four times a day. I’ve been crate training individual dogs and the first go home shortly. One of two boys still needs a home. Both Blackie & Green are good natured, active, and quick to learn. They would do really well in a home where they would get to do obedience, field or something to harness their energy and enthusiasm.

Sept. 1,2014. 9wks. old.

And then there were two. May & Blackie 9 wks.

And then there were two

Weight 11 lbs. Arrow ( new name Tiller), Green (new name Digby) and Pink (new name Oakely) have gone to their new homes. Tiller & Digby have gone to the cottage where they can learn to swim. Brookes & Decoy(Lynda)10 wks. May & Blackie 9wks.May and Blackie are still here. I’ve been interviewing homes for Blackie. In the meantime they have learned to sit( verbal, hand signal & whistle), down, come and are doing retrieving lessons. They are learning to walk on a leash and climb stairs so they can start housebreaking outside. We are working on bite inhibition. They are  meeting lots of new people. They also had their first play date with another two, 10 week old pups.

Sept. 24,2014 Thirteen weeks.

Blackie & May 13 wks

Blackie & May

May and Blackie went for their 12 weeks vaccinations Sept. 18th. I continue to introduce them to new people and experiences. Sept.14 we went to a skeet shooting range/sportsmen’s club. They were ignoring the noise after about 20 minutes. We waded in the streams leading to the trout pond and I lifted them into the pond for a swim. They didn’t seem too disturbed but were chilled afterward, so we probably won’t do much more this season. I’m separating both pups more and working with them individually. They are staying quietly in a crate and peeing on command when I take them out.

Blackie #2


Blackie 13 wks


I’m still looking for the right home for Blackie. He is turning into a sturdy, handsome boy. I’m getting very attached to him. Blackie sits and thinks about things before doing them  -May dives right in.

May is a busy , sweet girl.

May 13 wks



She is quicker with obedience commands but Blackie is the better retriever.




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