Breeding Philosophy

I lived with and studied the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller) for many years before committing to breeding in 1990. I only breed Tollers.

My concerns about pet overpopulation and the desire to give my own dogs adequate individual attention means I breed occasionally, when I plan to keep a pup myself and have a good proportion of the litter reserved.

I learned about genetics, breeding, whelping, raising, feeding, vaccinating, and choosing puppies from leading experts and veterinarians. I also have years of practical experience raising dogs.

With each litter I try to keep the best and improve on the rest. I prefer that my breeding dogs have a working/show background to keep the breed’s original versatility. Long suffering mom.Amber's pups about 4 wksMy girls are at least 2 years old when they are first bred. They are bred every other season and are generally retired by 8 years old. My breeding dogs are tested for appropriate breed specific health tests, hip dysplasia and thyroid. So is the studog and I do extensive research on his family and kids. While I can’t predict every problem in the pups I do everything I can to reduce the risks.

See Toller Health Coalition link for breed health conditions . Tollers have breed specific tests for PRA, CEA, JADD and cleft-palate. See Links  page for more information about health testing associations.

Puppies come with a three year health guarantee. See the link below for pricing and guarantee.

Sales Contract & Guarantee 2

My  pups are born in a whelping box in my kitchen.

Whelping area in my kitchen

Whelping area in my kitchen

Amber pups exploring outdoors about 6-7wksThey graduate to an exercise pen, then the whole kitchen and make trips outside if the weather is suitable.The pups are handled daily from birth and exposed to early neurological stimulation to improve their cardio vascular system, adrenal glands, tolerance to stress and resistance to disease.  Read more at Early Neurological Stimulation . The pups experience the sights, smells and sounds of an urban household. I encourage families to visit once the pups are on their feet so they can meet lots of new people. The pups are ready to join your home after 8 weeks of age. This gets them past the 8 week fear period, is safer for vaccinations, allows more time to evaluate personality and structure and start housebreaking.

I prefer to place my pups locally. You will need to fill out a questionnaire and visit my kennel in person so I can learn about your family and why you want a Toller.

See Questionnaire  Puppy-Questionnaire

Aren't I cute. Pick me!

Aren’t I cute. Pick me!


Once the pups are born I will ask you for a small deposit to show your interest. The deposit is not refundable if you change your mind or go elsewhere, because I will have turned away prospective buyers. I will send you updates on the pups as they grow.

I will use your preferences, my experience and observations of the pups to choose the best one for you.

All pups are cute and people are generally drawn to the most outgoing one on the day they visit.  But an hour of visiting doesn’t  give you enough information to chose the dog you will live with for the next 10 plus years.

I structurally grade the pups at 6 week. I personality test them at 7 weeks. Read more at . I start to evaluate their training/hunting aptitude with simple lessons.

Amber pup @ 6wks.Puppy play ambers litter Your puppy goes home with an owner’s manual of health, background and raising tips. They are micro chipped for identification. I like to contact new owners frequently thorough out the puppy’s first year. After that I will contact you yearly for the rest of its life. I hope you will also stay in touch if you have questions or want to celebrate milestones in your dog’s life. You can check out the FAQ and the Links pages on my website for more helpful information. I will respect your privacy but I do consider you a member of Landsend Kennel’s family.

If at any time you feel you have to give up your dog please call me first. I want to know that my puppies are in the best homes possible and this is a requirement of my sales contract.



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